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In a reality where change is constant, the skill of change management is imperative for an organization to continue growing and thriving. The effort to overcome the challenges of change is shared by all, but the ability to successfully deal with them varies in every organization.

Successful change management depends on a thorough three-stage process: understanding, planning and implementing. Based on these stages, it is possible to characterize six types of organizations according to the way that they deal with change. Five of them do not fully complete one or more of the stages, and therefore there is room for them to improve the way that they deal with significant change challenges.

Only the Change Champion fully implement all three stages and can celebrate successes.

At the end of the three-stage organizational analysis, tailor-made solutions can be found. Familiarity with various solutions for each stage will help you better deal with the task of empowering the organization for successful change management. The most important measure of successful change management is the extent of employees' support for the change process and the sense that everyone is onboard with the move. Therefore, in order to succeed in change management, it is important to have a "finger on the pulse" and sense the organizational mood, and to strive to reach the highest percentage of support for the change among employees and managers as possible.

The Change Types model is a unique development of TACK Growth Strategies and Dr. Itai Stern from Northwestern University in Chicago.

The model is supported by TACK's Change Types App, which using a short questionnaire will help you understand your organization's change type and ways to improve the organization's change management processes.

Everything changed, is changing, will change.