TACK Growth Strategies - Organizational Climate Survey

Organizational Climate Survey

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The level of employee engagement to the organization, its goals, and the implementation of its business strategy, along with the behavioral implementation of the organization's core values, are the key management challenges of any organization.

Measuring the level of employee engagement and satisfaction is a tool for organizational decision making and work planning, both for units and managers.

Organizational climate surveys are conducted using a system that enables the collection of information, analysis and presentation of results according to relevant and pre-selected organizational topics:

  • Snapshot of the organization in the eyes of managers and employees
  • Identifying strengths and areas for improvement
  • Analyzing organizational issues through the lens of various populations in the organization
  • Analyzing trends over time
  • Communication channel and information gathering
  • Message to employees that management is listening, increases commitment and sense of investment and improvement
People can smell emotional commitment (and the absence thereof) from a mile away. Tom Peters