TACK Growth Strategies - Performance Evaluation

Performance Evaluation

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A system that supports performance evaluation and feedback processes. The system is customized for the desired organizational process, can be implemented at different levels, according to the organizational need and maturity, and enables the following:

  • Organizational control
  • Manager empowerment
  • Employee personal development
  • Implementation of organizational strategy
  • Various modules offered in the employee evaluation system:
  • Tracking goals and progress throughout the year
  • Employee self-assessment (partial or full)
  • Determining the extent of involvement of indirect managers
  • Connection to compensation
  • It is possible to incorporate additional data collection in the process of employee evaluation by managers, thereby allowing managers additional information to assess each employee:
  • 180 Evaluation - Employees evaluate managers
  • 270 Evaluation - Evaluation of colleagues and managers
  • 360 Evaluation - Evaluation of interfaces/internal customers, colleagues and managers

Another factor influencing the nature of the process and thus the structure of the employee evaluation system is defining the customers of the process and building customized reports for them, at both the individual level in the organization and the management level, for an integrative picture enabling organizational decision making.

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