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Disruptive Innovation

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A unique model for managing innovation and breakthroughs in products, services and business models.

The process takes place out of the organization's office in order to encourage breaking down barriers and sparking inspiration.

The process develops both breakthrough solutions and the economic and business logic supporting the solutions.

At TACK we call this Magic & Logic.

Disruptive Innovation Model
Disruptive Innovation Model in 4 steps: EXPLORATION, FOCUS, DEVELOPMENT, BUSINESS MODEL.


Large scale study of the relevant field and creative brainstorming

Interviews with key members of the organization, meetings with Israeli and international experts, comprehensive industry benchmark, literature review, etc.


Narrow down preliminary ideas with focus on leading solutions

According to set criteria including aspects of MAGIC (significant added value for consumers) and LOGIC (valid business model).


Select final list of solutions and begin business and marketing development

Economic feasibility study, preparation of business plan, comprehensive marketing brief and initial development of brand language and positioning.


Decision on implementation and formulation of action plan

Dialog with management about products/outcomes, go/no go for each solution and prioritizing development and launch dates.

Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do. Apple commercial 1997