TACK Growth Strategies - Strategy Implementation

Strategy Implementation

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The main challenge for organizations is neither defining strategy nor strategic planning, but rather the transition from strategic planning to the implementation and integration phase.

  • Planning change management
  • Transforming core values to desired behavior
  • Creating and adapting learning processes
  • Managing measurement and control processes

Communicating the Vision

Effectively telling the organization's story from vision, purpose, mission and business strategy.

Branding the process and communicating it to employees in an internal campaign using the broad array of the organization’s communication channels.

Change Management

  • Creating a change forum to manage the process
  • Creating ongoing task teams to assess integration of the strategy
  • Defining new work processes
  • Initiating implementation and management mechanisms

Measurement and Control

  • Developing control processes
  • Defining qualitative and quantitative measures
  • Developing tools for measuring the baseline and setting goals for improvement

Commitment to Integration

  • Managerial commitment is best expressed via personal example, measurement and managing according to the adopted strategy.
  • Employees commitment is created through their participation in decision making processes, communication and inclusion in task teams.
How do we know what is right, if we don't know exactly what is good? It's not that simple. Even if we know what is good, we would still face a dilemma of often choosing between good and right. Lou Marinoff