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Values Based Strategy

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Since the dawn of history, humanity has been on a constant quest to understand the essence of goodness. We have finally reached a point in the development of businesses in which we can discuss doing good, and not at the expense of anything or anyone else.

The understanding that choosing to do good can transform who you are and what you are into something better, a source of inspiration, has always been a core value at TACK.

In the strategic process, the brainstorming and problem-solving phase creates the most significant added value. We love the creativity that is demanded of us in this phase.

Our solutions combine comprehensive business analysis and organizational analysis, including a thorough overview of the organization's capabilities, human capital, managerial assets and values. We love that the organization's DNA plays an important role in the strategic analysis process.

In order to build an effective strategy that works, we start thinking about the implementation and change management process from the early stages of designing the solution.

We love changes that generate value.

We are a team of professionals that love to lead projects from start to finish – from strategy to implementation.

Value Based Strategy - Model
Value Based Strategy Model is built of circles. The firs circle: Key to Strategic decisions: Clear identity. The second circle: New identity is basis of new stakeholder segmentation. Third circle: Shaping desired relationships with new segments. The forth circle: Creating value catered to each segment. Fifth circle: Defining key activities and organizational changes. the last circle: analysis of the proposed business case.
That one morning we will glide into some little harbor we didn’t know was there. Olav H. Hauge