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Qualitative research

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The qualitative research studies that we conduct at TACK use the Laddering methodology, a method that helps the interviewer understand mental concepts of interviewees in relation to the subject, product or brand.

Laddering interviews rely on the Mean-End Chain theory that identifies and maps participants' cognitive structures.

Laddering is conducted through a personal qualitative interview or an organic group interview.

Interview Output - a hierarchical map of values, representing a common mental model of a group of interviewees.

This research model allows us to examine the emotional depth of a given population, in relation to the underlying strata of their subjective experience.

The research method bypasses the possibility of drawing quick conclusions from statements, rather attributing deeper significance to perspectives that are not yet accessible at the initial examination stages.

Laddering methodology
Laddering methodology character: Brand and Product Qualities, Basic Personal Assumption, Emotions & Values
While hard data may inform the intellect, it is largely soft data that generate wisdom.Henry Mintzberg