TACK Growth Strategies - Organizational Analysis

Organizational Analysis

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A well managed, efficient, innovative, leading, profitable organization knows how to predict and respond to new changes and developments.

The main goal of organizational analysis is to lay the groundwork for the conceptualization of the decision makers in the following areas:

1. The degree of clarity of the vision and the business goals of the organization

2. A characterization of the organizational processes and structure and the way these serve organizational goals

3. Mapping the organizational climate and employee and management motivation for success

4. Laying the proper groundwork for change management within the organization:

  • Identifying the main organizational needs during its current stage of business development.
  • Defining the focal points for change that will serve as the drivers of overall organizational growth.
  • Characterizing key processes, which are recommended to focus on.
  • Designing a working model for effective and applicable change management that reflects the organization’s future objectives.
A Model for conceptualizing Organizational Analysis
Sages in the model for conceptualizing organizational analysis: Strategic Environment, Leadership capabilities, Organizational Culture, Strategy & Mission Statement, Organizational Capabilities, Organizational systems, policy and processes, Organizational structure, Organizational climate, Motivation, Individual needs and abilities, Task MAnagement, Outcome
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