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Systems & Applications

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Technological systems supporting implementation management developed by TACK as a complementary and unique component tailored to the unique needs and processes of each organization.

  • These technological solutions can serve various purposes:
  • Innovation management processes
  • Employee evaluation processes, feedback and performance assessments, goal setting and tracking
  • Organizational surveys: organizational climate surveys, internal service surveys (interfaces) and customer surveys
  • OneView - management dashboard
  • Learning & knowledge testing systems
  • Sales processes
  • Measurement and control processes

We offer the development of digital tools to support organizational processes, and these tools can be quickly integrated with a convenient user experience.

The tools we offer are each tailor-made to the specific organizational process, and they can be changed as the process evolves. The tools keep a record of all information at each stage of the process.

Another advantage of these tools is an analytical module that allows organizations to analyze all the information in real time or at specified points in the process.

The analytical information presented to the individual manager, senior management, or organizational units allows conclusions to be drawn and decisions made based on relevant facts and data.

In 2010, the term Big Data was still uncommon. We called it Data Logic - the evolution of knowledge management tailored to the moment the decision is made.