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HR Development

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Building an HR system in an organization, from policy planning and strategy to designing day-to-day work infrastructure, is one of the tools to ensure organizational growth over time. The goal is to build an HR system based on the organizational strategy and values, in order to provide practical support for the success of the organization.

  • TACK leads and accompanies organizations through the processes of establishing and supporting HR systems:
  • Designing HR policy and strategy
  • Constructing working infrastructure
  • Building HR systems for Startups
  • Developing and implementing professional tools and processes - recruitment, analysis and assignment, intake, salary and benefits, employee retention, career development, organizational development, welfare services, termination of employment.
Integrative model for HR Management & Policy
Integrative model for HR Management & Policy: Business Performance - Strategy, Structure, Processes, Benefits, People

Strategy - Mission, vision, values, goals and policy.

Structure - Organizational units, decentralization, empowerment.

Processes - Managing efficiency, ad hoc teams, surveys and appraisal processes, continuous improvement, customer focus.

Benefits - Appraisal, performance-based compensation, options, retention.

People - Management to results, learning and development processes, recruitment, career management in the organization, diversity management.

Customers will never love a company until the employees love it first. Simon Sinek