Idea Lab – Innovation Management

Idea Lab – Innovation Management

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TACK's model for managing organizational innovation places the progress in choosing an idea and implementing it on a timeline.

Throughout the process, each idea passes four decision gates: the first two gates address the question of feasibility and profitability (go/no go). The final two gates focus on suggestions for improvement and adjustments.

  • The decisions at each gate are based on information gathering and analysis in four fields:
  • Economic feasibility
  • Technological feasibility
  • Contribution to brand leadership
  • Regulatory feasibility and fit with company policies

TACK's Innovation Management Model

TACK's Innovation Management Model
TACK's Innovation Management Model Stages: 1. Strategic Innovation Map 2. Organizational Brainstorming Database 3. First Decision Gate - by Org. Knowledge 4. Filter by Business Plan & Resources 5. Second Decision Gate - by Business Plan 6. Prototype 7. In house pilot 'Alpha' 8. Third Decision Gate - by alpha version 9. Customers pilot 'beta' 10. Fourth Decision Gate -Consumer Research 11. Product/Service Launch 12. Transfer to project manager.
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