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Customer Experience Strategy

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Building the strategy of a customer service unit is a leading factor in the success of every company. The increase in customer awareness places demands on service units to regularly implement significant updates in the way they function.

The TACK team has accumulated experience building customer service systems, in leading organizations, from designing the service philosophy to integrating it and turning it into a significant competitive advantage.

Stage 1 - Designing the company’s service philosophy

A service philosophy is built in light of the competitive advantage that can be gained through the kind of service the organization offers, identification of customer expectations, etc.

Stage 2 - Customer Segmentation

Different customers require different solutions; appropriate customer segmentation should be based on an analysis of current customer consumption style as well as an analysis of their future expectations.

The growth potential of a company is dependent on the future perspective of customers and consumers regarding the company’s services.

At this stage we design a flexible service structure, which adapts the company’s services to the appropriate customer style.

Stage 3 - Upgrading and adapting the measurement method

Measuring the way in which the customer uses the company’s services today and the efficiency of the service unit and service providers are two parameters utilized widely by companies. However, these variables are not sufficient to provide a quality assessment of the service unit.

Designing relevant customer service measures and accurately measuring them are the major tools for change and implementation of day-to-day service.

Genuine concern of service providers constitutes the main component of customer satisfaction, and therefore this is the factor that should be measured qualitatively and continuously.

Stage 4 - Going above and beyond in "moments of truth"

Defining and thoroughly understanding the “moments of truth” that customers experience with the service unit. In these “moments of truth”, the system has an opportunity to create a feeling of WOW and subsequently earn long-term customer commitment. On the other hand, imprecise handling of these “moments of truth” will tend to hasten defection waste significant and unnecessary resources on retention efforts.

If you contribute to other people's happiness, you will find the true goal, the true meaning of life.Dalai Lama