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We Love to Change

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We provide consulting services for senior managers and management teams leading their organizations through significant change processes.

Since TACK’s founding in 1971 as a pioneer in the field of management training, the company has expanded and today we lead clients through the entire change process, from strategy to implementation. We are proud to be a partner of leading companies in the Israeli market, working together to achieve financial, managerial and values based growth.

We believe that growth necessitates significant organizational and societal changes in today’s fast-paced world. Exceptional and successful organizations help people thrive and improve.

We strive to be a source of inspiration for values based business growth in companies and organizations that are shaping a better future for the people and communities that they serve. Our team of multidisciplinary experts combine excellence and passion in one ecosystem of solutions and services, for organizations that want to be great and fulfill their mission of creating a better future.

The TACK team creates the comprehensive and innovative solutions needed to tackle our clients’ most complex organizational challenges. Most importantly, we design innovative solutions that are feasible and sustainable with an emphasis on the implementation stage.

Our experience has shown that the road to success is based on intimate and attentive relationships with our clients, thought-provoking meetings and uncompromising professional standards of quality and ethics.

Over the years, TACK has developed unique methodologies in the fields of business strategy, breakthrough innovation, change management and organizational learning and development. For example, our "Change Types" model for determining an organization’s readiness to lead strategic changes is one of the many tools we have designed and developed. The tool includes an app allowing an initial self-diagnosis.

We have also developed models for flexible, on-the-go strategic thinking (Dynamic Strategy), disruptive innovation (Magic & Logic), mergers & acquisitions and more.


  • To provide our clients with solutions for organizational and business growth.
  • To be connected with all aspects of our client's strategy – from creation, to implementation and improvement.
  • To lead processes that support the core competencies of large, industry-leading or high-potential organizations.
  • To develop innovative solutions (or to bring Israel to the forefront) in our fields of consulting and implement them in leading organizations.
  • To be a partner for the senior executives in the organization throughout the thinking and implementation processes.
I must urgently give myself more opportunities now, move on from the previous opportunities that have already been realized, towards new and updated possibilities. Endless possibilities.David Avidan