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The TACK Growth Strategies team of multidisciplinary experts combines academic and professional experience in various fields, jointly creating unique, industry-leading quality and creativity. The team shares a worldview that promotes shared value for organizations, their employees, customers and all stakeholders.

We emphasize professional and organizational learning and development, and offer all a variety of professional opportunities and challenges.

Dr. Eitan Orr - CEO & Owner

Strategy for Organizations of the Future

Experience leading processes of strategic design, organizational vision, change management and marketing strategy.

Ph.D. Organizational Psychology

At TACK since 1997

Liron Greif - Executive Partner

Strategy & Change Management

Expert in leading organizations and managers through complex change processes, leading to value-based business growth.

M.A. Social Psychology

At TACK since 2001

Efrat Yavetz

Expert in developing and implementing growth strategies.

A leader in advanced business concepts for creating shared value of companies with all stakeholders. Expert in managing change and human capital development in companies. Accumulated experience of over 20 years in senior management to the position of Deputy CEO of Bank Hapoalim.

MBA Business Administration; BA Biochemistry and Human Nutrition

Aviv Shoham

Expert in managing accelerated growth of companies, economic and financial planning, investments, capital raising and IPOs, as well as in the processes of streamlining and rehabilitating companies.

Accumulated experience in high-tech organizations, from the establishment and leadership of an economic department to performing in various CFO positions.

MBA Business Administration; BA Economics

Ofer M. Cohen

Expert in market analysis, market research and competitive analysis, business plans and financial models.

Accumulated experience in strategic and business consulting for start-ups, developing content for companies, and business strategy problem-solving.

BA Business Administration and Communications

Elad Weinstein

Project management and organizational strategy.

Specializes in business analysis and project management of implementing changes in organizations.

MA Consulting and Organizational Development

At TACK since 2020

Ronit Debi

Finance & Customer and Supplier Service

At TACK since 2000

Anat Orr - Executive Partner

Information-based Systems Development

Expert in designing systems in support of organizational processes and managerial decision making. Designing UI/UX tailored to the organization to display accumulated knowledge.

B.Sc. Civil Engineering, M.B.A.

I must urgently give myself more opportunities now, move on from the previous opportunities that have already been realized, towards new and updated possibilities. Endless possibilities.David Avidan